A modern, native markdown editor for macOS.

Requires macOS 10.12+
Written in Swift 4.2


Pine is themeable, with over 30 built in themes to choose from.

GitHub Flavored Markdown

Pine completely supports GitHub Flavored Markdown.


A math subset of LaTeX is also supported for rendering inline and block equations.


Pine has the option to enable autocomplete for LaTeX, HTML and Markdown syntax when typing.

Tabs & Sidebar

Pine supports multiple folders and files in its sidebar.
Individual files can also be opened in tabs, and in separate windows.

Touch Bar & Toolbar

Touch Bar shortcuts are supported on compatible Macs.
A Toolbar can be enabled in preferences.

Markdown shortcuts are also available as keyboard combinations.

JavaScript Plugins

Write vanilla JavaScript to hook into and modify the preview's DOM.

And More...

Pine has many more awesome features including:

  • Editor and preview scroll sync
  • Scroll past end
  • Show invisible characters
  • Local image support
  • Right to Left writing direction support
  • Vertical or horizontal editor/preview split
  • Syntax highlighting for source and preview
  • Autosaving
  • Version control and history recovery
  • Auto pairing of markdown tags
  • Custom font
  • Word count

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